Super Simple Electrostatic Motor

I have no idea if anyone invented this before me, but I arrived at this design from much experimentation.
My idea was to create a good simple motor that could take an electrostatic charge and transform the energy
into mechanical motion for demonstration to students. It's simple to build, hard to break and easy to demo. Have fun!


1 1/2" PVC cap has a small gage, shallow hole drilled in the
exact center inside the cap




small steel bar which I salvaged
from an old desk-jet printer


four Aluminum foil fins applied with a glue stick to four quadrants of the cap

note - the shape of all four fins is exactly the same, and the lower tip of each one is curled out slightly so that they create a path of least resistance to discharge, charge and repel as they pass each capacitor plate
( see Setup for Running Motor )




block of pine to hold the steel bar upright

  Setup for Running Motor  
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